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Welcome !

I designed this site and put my notices and some of experiences I made while developing software prjects in Java and C/C++. I look yet again on it, when I need some thing.
This is not a site that you find tutorial in step by step. It is like a notebook. If you find some thing and examples you are looking for then you are right here.
Please take notice, that here is no support and guarantee for flawlessnes and complete rightness of examples.
In this site you will find examples. Maybe any of that are new for you or you refresh your knowlege.
The examples are in different area. So you find standard Java Application, Java Application in network, Applications in JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) and Design Pettern. There are also any C/C++ examples.
Java uses the keyword native to invoke system methods written in other language e. g. in C/C++. Therefore I put some examples in C/C++ here. A example for the keyword native shows how methods written in C/C++ being called from Java.
The examples are tested on Windows System but should run also on Linux and Unix. To test that, you need the JDK 1.5 or later (Java Developer Toolkit). There is descriptions in each example how it can be compiled and run.
If you want to learn more about java please see the java documentation
You find useful infos, descriptions and examples

S. Rashed Dipl. Math./Physik

software developer and it-consultant